3 - FinalOur Mom (or Mum depending on where you’re from) is the most inspiring person I know. I saw this word the other day, numinous (Latin of course) , which is used to describe an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted; the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired – this is how I would describe my mother – Nickie Hough – author of the Silly Frilly and Trilly series.

Having moved homes, states, provinces and countries, more than anyone I know, she is always in search of the next adventure. Now in search of another journey, she has found herself reflecting on her past,  it is this reflection that inspired the Silly Frilly and Trilly series.

Although she would never call herself an ‘author’ or a ‘writer’, the truth is, her ability to share her life experiences (especially those that include my sister and I) is moving.

I know lots of children must think they have the best mom in the world (I see t-shirts with the slogan all the time) I wonder how they can top my mother. The relationship we have built over the years has brought the three of us together to create a bond that is built on love, laughter and most importantly trust. I don’t want to sound like we grew up in a dream world, ‘Frilly and Trilly’ certainly had their moments, as did ‘Mumma’ but we all learned lessons along the way (and of course, we still are). 

The purpose of the Silly Frilly and Trilly series is to help parents through those moments when you’re left saying ‘how do I explain this’ or ‘I wish they could just understand’. The series isn’t a ‘how to guide to parenting’ it is simply a reflection of the last 25 years of our lives and the lessons we have learned along the way. If we can share our experiences with the world in a fun and educational way – why wouldn’t we!


Fee and Tris aka Frilly & Trilly